BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Internasjonal fiksjon

My Only Sunshine

Hayat var
Tyrkia / Hellas / Bulgaria / 2008 / 121 min
Reha Erdem
A beautifully told story of a girl growing up in modern day Istanbul

Fourteen year old Hayat lives with her struggling father and bed ridden grandfather on the outskirts of Istanbul. The quiet and timid young girl spends her days trying to get through puberty without anoyone noticing, something which is easier said than done. MY ONLY SUNSHINE is a film that does not give into the temptation of playing the poverty card for cheap sympathy. Rather, it's a film which portrays a slice of modern day Eurasian life in a cinematic language that is both ambitious original and beautiful.

Reha Erdem

Reha Edem was born in Turkey in 1960. He studied history in Istanbul until 1983, when he left for Paris to study film. He directed his first feature film, A Ay (Oh Moon) in 1989. It received awards at the Nantes Film Festival, and was screened at the Locarno, Moscow, Vancouver and Dunkerque Film Festivals. This was the beginning of a long carriere wich includes the films A RUN FOR THE MONEY (1999), MOMMY I'M SCARED 2004), TIMES AND WINDS (2006 and leads up tp his latest film MY ONLY SUNSHINE.