Cinema Extraordinaire

No One's Son

Niciji sin
Kroatia / Slovenia / 2008 / 100 min
Arsen Anton Ostojic
An exciting extortion drama about the traumas of the Balkan war

Ivan is a 36-year old ex-rock singer and war veteran who lost both legs in the recent Croatian Homeland War. His father, Izidor, is standing as an independent candidate for the Croatian Parliament. Then a face from the past re-appears: an ex-communist official, Simo, who imprisoned Izidor decades ago. He knows certain facts about Izidor that could destroy his reputation and wreck his political campaign. Simo demands money, in return for his silence and he also has a secret rendezvous with Ivan’s mother, Ana.

Arsen Anton Ostojic

Arsen Anton Ostojic received his BA in film directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia in 1990 with honors, and his MFA in filmmaking from New York University in 1994, with honors, as well. Until 2008 he has made two successful feature films, A WONDERFULL NIGHT IN SPLIT (2004) and NO ONE’S SON (2008); one long-running theater play and several award winning documentaries and short films, including DECORATIONS (1988), THE BIRD LOVER (1993) and LIFE DRAWING (2001). He has worked on about twenty feature films in Europe and in the United States as an assistant director, production manager or line producer. Besides preparing several new projects, both in Europe and in the United States, he is also teaching film production at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, following several teaching assignments in New York City and in Salzburg, Austria.