USA / 2008 / 90 min
Kirby Dick
A documentary about homosexuality, homophobia and double standards in the American congress

OUTRAGE is a film about gay American congressmen who keep their own sexuality a secret, while actively working against the rights of gay and lesbian citizens. Director Kirby Dick is on a crusade to expose these widespread double standards and stops at nothing short of outing the politicians to the public.

The motto of the film is, to use the words of Barney Frank, one of the few openly gay American congressmen: There's a right to privacy, not a right to hypocrisy".

Kirby Dick

KIRBY DICK is an Academy Award-nominated director best known for his documentaries about sexuality and related issues. DICK made his feature length debut with PRIVATE PRACTICES: THE STORY OF A SEX SURROGATE in 1986, and over a decade later, he was back with SICK: THE LIFE & DEATH OF BOB FLANAGAN, SUPERMASOCHIST (1997). He then followed up with CHAIN CAMERA (2001) and DERRIDA (2002), before making the Academy Award-nominated TWIST OF FAITH (2004), which told the story of a man who had been subjected to sexual abuse by a catholic priest during his childhood. 2006 saw the premiere of THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED, which focused on the secretive process of the American ratings system. THE INVISIBLE WAR is his eight feature length documentary.