USA / Kongo / 2008 / 90 min
Eric Daniel Metzgar
An exciting and nuanced documentary about what is happening to the art of newspaper journalism

The printed media has already been pronounced dead for years. Whether this will ever actually be true is still uncertain, but some of the consequences have already begun to affect us. Cutbacks have been made in every news desk and have struck particularly hard in the foreign bureaus. What type of news will we read in the future, and where will they come from? Following Nicholas D. Kristof on his job gathering news in Congo, this brilliant documentary gives a fascinating insight to the origin of news and tomorrow's journalism.

Eric Daniel Metzgar

Eric Daniel Metzgar is an american documentary filmmaker who made his feature length debut with THE CHANCES OF THE WORLD CHANGING in 2006. 2009 sees the premier of both REPORTER and LIFE. SUPPORT. MUSIC.