BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Internasjonal fiksjon

Swan Lake: The Zone

Lebedyne ozer-zona
Ukraina / 1990 / 96 min
Yuri Ilyenko
Ukraine’s first film during the during communism’s collapse announced emerging freedom of speech

The KGB was still rather active as the Soviet Union was collapsing, so this film, based on the script of an Armenian dissident who had spent four years in a labour camp and nine months in prison with waning health, who actually died during filming. A prisoner runs away and hides in a statue formed as a Hammer and a tickle, before a woman in the neghbourhood gives him nurses him, and then some. A terribly strong and gruesome film that makes a strong impact.

Yuri Ilyenko

Yuri Ilyenko is one of the great Ukrainian directors of 70s and 80s, and also worked as a cinematographer on such films as Sergei Parajanov's SHADOWS OF OUR FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS (1964). As a director, he is best known for films such as KRYNYTSYA DLYA SPRAHLYKH (1965), WHITE BIRD WITH A BLACK SPOT (1971), STRAW BELLS (1988) and SWAN LAKE: THE ZONE.