Cinema Extraordinaire
Det stilleste vann

A Lake

Un Lac
Frankrike / 2008 / 90 min
Philippe Grandrieux
A LAKE is an intense and somewhat inaccessible celebration of film as art

The young, epileptic woodsman Alexei is hard at work in the forest. He seems to represent the symbol of pure innocence, working with commitment in the woods with his beloved horse. Their relationship is closely noticed by their mother, although she is blind, as well as their younger brother and often absent father. One day the handsome stranger Jürgen arrives from the other side of the lake in order to help Alexei with the felling of timber. After Jürgen has saved Alexei’s life, Hege and Jürgen becomes lovers.

Philippe Grandrieux

Philippe Grandrieux is educated at the INSAS film school in Brussels, and studied social sciences in Paris before he started making documentaries, video installations and TV-programmes. Among other things, he has produced a series of one hour long programmes under the title "Live" for Arte TV. He has made three features: SOMBRE (1998), LA VIE NOUVELLE (2002) and A LAKE which premiered last year.