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Letgohand Vaska (A Tale from the Labour Camp)

Haggyállógva Vászka
Haggyállógva Vászka / 1996 / 85 min
Péter Gothár
A lively and entertaining adventure about life as a thief in Russia

VASKA is an unforgettable with its sparkling, anarchist way of storytelling. The action takes place in Saint Petersburg, where the thief Vaska operates. His girlfriend complains about him not having money, but one day he meets the small town thief Ványka, and together they form a more efficient alliance. The film is full of absurd and funny ideas, following the two charming crooks in a life with plenty of vodka and singing. Aesthetically, the mix of beautiful colours and scratchy black and white gives a fresh feeling.

Péter Gothár

Péter Gothár made his feature-film debut in 1979 with A PRICELESS DAY, which he also scripted. In 1985, he received the Best Director Award in Tokyo for TIME STANDS STILL. He was head director of Theatre Gergely Csiki in Kaposvár from 1979 to 1992, and has directed at the József Katona Theatre in Budapest since 1993. He’s directed over 30 films for TV. His feature films include MELODRAMA (1991), PASSPORT (2001) and HUNGARIAN BEAUTY (2003).