Waziristan - A Culture Under Attack

Waziristan - En kultur under angrep
Norge / 2009 / 32 min
Farhat Taj
A seldom glimpse into a world where music and dance is forbidden

WAZIRISTAN - A CULTURE UNDER ATTACK contains the story of a singer from Waziristan who fled the area after death threats from Taliban. Through music he is engaged in a ‘Cultural Jihad’ against the violent Jihad of the Taliban. Waziristan, a Taliban-controlled area of Pakistan on the border to Afghanistan, is a distinct threat for the West where Al-Qaida is planning attacks on the West. But for people of Waziristan, suffering caused by the Taliban is a harsh daily reality.

Farhat Taj

Farhat Taj belongs to the Taliban militancy-hit area in the North-West of Pakistan. She came to Norway in 2002 and frequently goes back to her hometown in Pakistan, which is close to Waziristan. This film is her response to the public opinion that she came across in some Western countries, that people of Waziristan support Taliban and Al-Qaida. Through the film she wishes to convey the message that people and culture of Waziristan are under the harshest assaults by the radical Islamists.