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Whisky with Vodka

Whisky mit wodka
Tyskland / 2009 / 204 min
Andreas Dresen
A nostalgic declaration of love to film and filmmaking, drenched in liquor.

Otto Kullberg is a renowned German actor and movie star with a drinking problem. He has problems finishing the shootings of his latest movie "Tango for three". To make sure there’ll be a movie, the producer hires an extra actor, who is playing the same scenes as Otto. The tension between Otto and his stand-in builds up continuously, while the relationships within the film crew get more and more complicated for every vodka shot taken. WHISKY WITH WODKA is a nostalgic and humoristic film about artistic conflicts, hierarchy on the set, fear of getting older and envy.

Andreas Dresen

Andreas Dresen (born 1963) is a renowned German director. He worked as a director assistant for a couple of years, before entering the film school in Potsdam Babelsberg. He was a student there from 1986 till 1991 and his student film SO SCHNELL ES GEHT NACH ISTANBUL (1990) was an entry at the Berlinale the same year. All of his later films have been great successes in cinemas in Germany. His latest films, SOMMER VORM BALKON (2005) and WOLKE NEUN (2008) have been screened in Norway as well.