BIFF 2020
Cinema Extraordinaire

All That I Love

Wszystko, co kocham
Polen / 2009 / 95 min
Jacek Borcuch
Punk rock and Puberty in Soviet Poland

Playing punk rock in Poland in 1980, Janek and his friends know the pros and cons of socialism well. The red fist has been in the pocket for quite some time, though, and for a while it seems they can worry about hormones and t-shirts like normal teenagers. As the thaw suddenly ends, martial law is imposed, and priorities change. Families and friends are drawn in different directions by loyalty, and suddenly, sex is only the second most important thing in Janek's world.

Jacek Borcuch

Jacek Borcuch was born in Poland in 1970. Before turning to cinema, he studied philosophy and acting. After several acclaimed performances as an actor, he directed «Polands first indie-film», KALLAFIORR (2000). ALL THAT I LOVE, his third film, draws upon his personal experiences.