BIFF 2020
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A unique portrait of a unique woman

BHUTTO tells the unique story of Benazir Bhutto, the woman who became the first prime minister of Pakistan and thus the first female head of a Muslim nation. Although popular among the majority of the voters, Bhutto was a source of controversy, both as a result of her politics and because of the history of her politically influential family. Never descending into hagiography, BHUTTO paints a nuanced portrait of a highly significant individual interweaved with a history of Pakistani politics.

Duane Baughman is the founder of production company Yellow Pad Productions and owner of the political direct mail firm The Baughman Company. BHUTTO is his first documentary film.

Johnny O'Hara is an American writer and director, who first made a name for himself as one of the writers on the critically acclaimed documentary FUEL, which won the audience award for best documentary at Sundance in 2008. O'Hara's first book "Elvis & You" is published by Penguin.