International documentary

Cooking Up Dreams

De ollas y sueños
Peru / Brasil / 2009 / 75 min
Ernesto Cabellos
Can an entire nation be represented by its cuisine? A tasty journey in Peruvian food.

Can an entire nation be represented by its cuisine? This documentary journeys to the kitchens of Peru's coast, highlands and jungle, as well as Peruvian expat communities in Paris, London, Amsterdam and New York for answers. From the most humble family kitchens to the poshest restaurants, from pioneering Peruvian chefs abroad to those who preserve ancient recipes at home, Peru's cuisine is deliciously integrating for a people marked by ethnic and economic differences.

Ernesto Cabellos

Ernesto Cabellos was born in Lima in 1968. Through his non-profit production company Guarango he has directed and produced several documentaries on environmental conflicts in Peru, such as the internationally lauded CHOROPAMPA: THE PRICE OF GOLD (2002) and TAMBOGRANDE: MANGOS, MURDER AND MINING (2007). Cabellos is currently working on a series of documentary shorts on the political violence in Peru between 1980 and 2000 in which close to 70,000 people were killed.