BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Cinema Extraordinaire
Invisible Eye

The Invisible Eye

La mirada invisible
Argentina / 2010 / 97 min
Diego Lerman
Little sister sees you

Argentina, 1982: On the streets of the Buenos Aires the people are starting to challenge the military dictatorship. Marita has just gotten a job as supervisor in one of the country's elite schools. She is 23 and wants to do things right. The head supervisor immediately singles her out and trains her to become the schools vigilant attentive eye on everything in the school. Marita seizes the chance to impress and as the school's invisible eyes she throws herself into a spiral of surveillance, desire and hidden agendas.

Diego Lerman

Director Diego Lerman was born on March 24th – the same day as the military junta took power in Argentina. Lerman has studied film making in both Buenos Aires and Cuba, and has made several short films. His first film SUDDENLY (2002) was a big success on festivals world wide. He has also made the feature film MIENTRAS TANTO in 2006 and a documentary about a health care worker in the northern part of Argentina.