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I, Don Giovanni

Io, Don Giovanni
Spania / Italia / 2010 / 127 min
Carlos Saura
A great combination of Mozart’s music, beautiful pictures and spellbinding story!

Venice 1763: Poet Lorenzo da Ponte is leading a hedonistic life. He was originally a priest but his numerous affairs force him to be exiled to Vienna. Supported by his friend and mentor Giacomo Casanova, da Ponte is introduced to the Emperor's favourite composer, Salieri, and a newcomer named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Seeing an opportunity to undermine Mozart's ascension, Salieri tricks Mozart into hiring this unknown libertine as his librettist. However, Salieri's machinations shall prove to be his own undoing.

Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura (1932) – one of the elite filmmakers in Europe – had his greatest impact in the late ‘60s and early ’70s when his often politically loaded movies brought new life in to Spanish cinema. Saura frequently blends reality with the macabre and often grotesque surrealism. THE HUNT (1965), COUSIN ANGELICA (1974) and RAISING RAVENS (1975) are considered some of Saura’s most poweful films and came during the years of Franco’s regime. Still he continued to make important films after the dictator’s death and for many he is mostly known for his movies centered around traditional Latin dance such as FLAMENCO (1995), TANGO (1998) and FADOS (2007).