Norwegian documentary


Norge / 2010 / 45 min
Charlotte L. Loxley Helleland
A short and intense film about death and the life that goes before it

With MOM, director Charlotte L. Loxley Helleland has documented her own family through years of coping with the fact that the mother of the family is afflicted with an incurable form of cancer. Even though they go through rough and tortous times, the circumstances also bring the family together in new ways. And collectively looking death in the eye, they share moments of unparalleled beauty and importance. MOM is an intensely personal and moving documentary about making the most out of life.

Charlotte L. Loxley Helleland

Charlotte L. Loxley Helleland graduated from Volda University College in 2001 with a degree in TV journalism and documentary film. Since then, she has been working in TV productions as a journalist, photographer and director. Just now she is working as a video journalist at the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende.