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La Passion

The Passion

La Passione
Italia / 2010 / 106 min
Carlo Mazzacurati
Jesus, writer's block and leaky pipes

Gianni Dubois is a down on his luck filmdirector, whose career has most definitely seen better days. Regarded as a has-been by the industry, he eagerly jumps at the chance to write a film for a famous TV-actress, thinking this might be his way back into the director's chair. But when he's struck with writer's block and the piping in his flat in Tuscany threatens to destroy an age old mural at the local church, wheels are set in motion which, before he knows it, sees Dubois instructing the Passion of Jesus.

Carlo Mazzacurati

Carlo Mazzacurati from Padua, Italy started his career as a film director in 1980 with VAGABONDI. His most famous films include IL TORO (1994) and LA LINGUA DEL SANTO (2000). He has also gained success as a script writer, for instance with THE MARRAKECH EXPRESS (1989). As an actor he’s appeared in three films by Nani Moretti. Mazzacurati has won numerous awards.