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The Robber

Der Räuber
Tyskland / Østerrike / 2009 / 90 min
Benjamin Heisenberg
The true story about a marathon runner turned bankrobber

THE ROBBER is a crime drama based on the true story of Johann Rettenberger, a marathon runner who was also a prolific bankrobber. That is, until the day when his old acquaintance Erika suddenly appears and snaps Johann out of his carefully maintained balance. With his feelings for Erika messing up his otherwise unsentimental and cold demeanour, Rettenberger starts making mistakes which threaten to ruin everything. And when trouble rears its head, our protagonist handles it the way he handles everything – by running.

Benjamin Heisenberg

With his two features SLEEPER (2005) and THE ROBBER, Benjamin Heisenberg has established himself as a director to watch. Already with his debut feature he stood out a s a fully developed director with a unique sense of style and ambience, and THE ROBBER continues this trend. Benjamin Heisenberg is definitely a rising star in European cinema.