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Mall Girl

Mall Girls

Polen / 2009 / 82 min
Katarzyna Roslaniec
Supply and demand among teenage girls in modern Poland

MALL GIRLS is a film about a phenomenon which has become increasingly common in Poland during the last few years: Blinded by the glamour of western materialism, young girls develop a hunger for clothes, shoes and other material goods which make them throw common sense out the window and sell sexual favours in order to finance their expensive habits. Add teen angst and raging hormones to the mix, and you've got what is pretty much a perfect recipe for a film about being a teen in post-Soviet Eastern Europe.

Katarzyna Roslaniec

Katarzyna Roslaniec (1980) is a Polish director and screenwriter whose first film was the award winning short MALL GIRLS (2006). Three years later she turned the premise of that film into what would become her first feature, once again using the title of MALL GIRLS.