Cinema Extraordinaire

Southern District

Zona Sur
Bolivia / 2008 / 2009
Juan Carlos Valdivia
An intriguing cinematographic expression from Bolivia in transformation.

The matriarch Carola lives in a posh house in the Southern District of La Paz with her three children. The family’s servants, Wilson and Marcelina, live and work under the same roof, but in a separate sphere due to different language and skin colour. But things are about to stir… Through an everyday story and through the use of innovative and captivating cinematography, SOUTHERN DISTRICT paints a picture of the social changes that currently take place in Bolivia.

Juan Carlos Valdivia

Juan Carlos Valdivia made his directorial debut with JONAH AND THE PINK WHALE (1995), a movie that won the award for best cinematography during the film festival in Havana. After working in television for several years he followed up with the thriller AMERICAN VISA (2005). The Bolivian filmmaker has been involved in the Mexican film industry for many years. Since returning to Bolivia he has been working on project related to his own production company Cinenómada. Valdivia’s SOUTHERN DISTRICT is a highly personal and political movie. The film received awards for best direction and screenplay in the category World Cinema during the Sundance Film Festival.