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Brother and Sister

Brother & Sister

Dos hermanos
Argentina / Spania / Uruguay / 2010 / 105 min
Daniel Burman
A warm comedy about unconditional love for family members one doesn't like

Siblings Susana and Marcos are both in their sixties and still single. Susana is a manipulative and extravagant real estate agent, and has placed the burden of looking after their mother to the older brother Marcos. Marcos is his sister’s opposite: Altruistic and withdrawn. When their mother finally passes away, Susana sells the house where Marcos and their mother have lived. Although Susana's motives are hardly noble, this is an opportunity for Marcos to start living again.

Daniel Burman

Daniel Burman (1973) is a director, scriptwriter, producer and an important name in the Argentinean New Wave at the last turn of century. Burman was born and raised in Buenos Aires, in a Polish-Jewish family, and portraits his own community in the autobiographic trilogy WAITING FOR THE MESSIAH (2000), LOST EMBRACE (2004) and FAMILY LAW (2006). The Argentinean filmmaker has won several awards, including the Silver Bear in Berlin for best movie (LOST EMBRACE). In his earlier movies Burman has explored questions of identity among young Argentineans of European descent. His new movie, BROTHER & SISTER, is a reflection on family relations and ageing, and features a cast led by two Argentinean acting legends – Graciela Borges and Antonio Gasalla.