BIFF 2020
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Bring your own beer!

Iceland has managed to achieve some sort of indie greatness with artists like Björk, Sigur Rós and Múm. BACKYARD is partly feature, gig recording and documentary – it's a colourful tale of creativity and audacious people who doesn't let the destitution of a national financial crisis get in the way. The movie makes you want to grab a case of beer and join your best friends in Arní Rúnars cosy backyard.

The Islandic filmmaker Árni Sveinsson, currently lives in Reykjavik, but has worked extensively with film and television in USA as well as in his home country. With his first film, IN THE SHOES OF THE DRAGON, he won the Icelandic Academy Award for Best Documentary. He has also been part of creating a number of television series, short films, music videos and installations for the theatre. With his latest documentary, BACKYARD, he won the Audience Award for Best Picture at the annual Islandic Dokumentary Festival.