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Beats of Freedom - Zew Wolnoci

Beats of Freedom

Beats of Freedom - Zew Wolnoci
Polen / 2010 / 73 min
Leszek Gnoinski & Wojciech Slota
Hard rock behind the iron curtain

The Polish music documentary BEATS OF FREEDOM follows English music journalist Chris Salewicz on a journey through Polish rock history, encountering historians and key members of contemporary Polish rock bands. The film depicts how the Soviet system oppressed freedom in all forms, including heavy censorship and control of the cultural and musical field. The Jarocin music festival, established in 1980, is given special emphasis.

Leszek Gnoinski & Wojciech Slota

Lesznek Gnoinski started a journalistic career in 1992. He has written several biographies on Polish bands, most notably Acid Drinkers and Kult. In 1996 he co-wrote with Jan Skaradziński the Encyklopedia polskiego rocka - an encyclopedia on Polish rock music. BEATS OF FREEDOM is his first film.

Wojciech Slota is a music enthusiast, and in the 90's he worked on organising music festivals and concerts, as well as starting his own recording studio and managing the Polish bands Myslowitz and Nowy Horyzont. BEATS OF FREEDOM is his debut as a director, but he has edited several other films.