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Bombay Beach

Bombay Beach

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Outcasts, exiles and failed housing development

Bombay Beach is a failed housing development by the Salton Sea in the California desert. Originally thought to be the dwelling place of thousands of happy middle class families, today it is the home of less than 300 people. The citizens of Bombay Beach are a motley crew of outcasts, expatriates and children born into the ruins of yesterday's dream of tomorrow. With the help of documentary footage that at times seems too good to be true, director Alma Har'el creates a fascinating vision of a town the world forgot.

After years of making music videos, for artists such as Beirut and Jack Peñate, and commercials, like the ad-campaign for Barack Obama's run for presidency, Alma Har'el makes her directorial debut with BOMBAY BEACH. The visual playfulness of her earlier work shines through in the aesthetic of this carefully directed debut film.