BIFF 2020
The Afghan Nightmare

The Afghan Nightmare

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A frustrated man in a war torn land

10 years ago USA attacked Afghanistan. NATO leaded ISAF-forces (International Security Assistance Force) which came to support. The purpose was to help Afghan authorities and people to take responsibility for their own development and security against the Taliban regime. The problem 10 years after is still the same. In this unique observational documentary we follow NATO regional commander in Faryab Rune Solberg in his work. We see a military leader getting more and more frustrated.


Klaus Erik Okstad has worked as a videojournalist and director for almost 20 years. He has among other things made documentaries in Africa, Asia and South-America. A characteristic of many of his films is that they are made in a third person perspective. He gives his audience an exclusive insight in stories they never would have taken a part in.