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Foo Fighters: Back and Forth

Foo Fighters: Back and Forth

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Two hours and 15 minutes about the drummer from Nirvana

FOO FIGHTERS: BACK AND FORTH tells the story of how Nirvana's drummer Dave Grohl in the wake of Kurt Cobain's suicide managed to cobble together a band which during the following decade went on to become one of the biggest acts in North America. Basically, it's the story of a band that has everything – except a decent band name. As Grohl himself explains: "Honestly, had I taken this whole career thing seriously, I would have named it something else – 'cause it's the worst fucking band name in the world".

After graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 1987, James Moll has gravitated towards documentaries. Over the last ten years he has directed five. Among them: THE LAST TEN DAYS (1998), about the experiences of Holocaust survivors, and RUNNING THE SAHARA (2008) about three men's journey through the Sahara desert.