BIFF 2020
Hardt arbeid

Hard Labor

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What does life have in store for Helena?

When housewife Helena finally realises her dream of opening her own grocery store, her husband Octavio loses his job. While Octavio slips into an apathetic state, a series of mysterious and worrying incidents occur in the store. As Helena investigates, she finds that a crumbling brick wall in the back of the shop seems to be the cause of the strangeness. Part social criticism, part horror movie, HARD LABOR unites elements from drama and horror to present a highly original vision of current day Brazil.

It is difficult to mention one without the other. Marcu Dutra and Juliana Rojas have been close collaborators since they completed film school 12 years ago. Since then they have written and directed a number of short films, one of which is UN RAMO (2007), which won the Kodak Short Film Award in Cannes. HARD LABOR is their first feature film.