International documentary
Danfung Dennis Hell and Back Again

Hell and back again

Hell and Back Again
Afghanistan / USA / Storbritannia / 2011 / 88 min
Danfung Dennis
The consequences of war and of coming home

HELL AND BACK AGAIN is a sober, but shaking depiction of the consequences of war. It is the summer of 2009 and 25-year-old sergeant Nathan Harris and his platoon is deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. Sergeant Harris returns home to North Carolina after a life-threatening injury in battle, and the horrors of the war is replaced by endless rehabilitation, painkillers and take away food. Harris and his wife are trying to reestablish physical and emotional normalcy, but the atmosphere is becoming increasingly oppressive.

Danfung Dennis

Since 2006, Danfung Dennis has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His still photographs have been published in TIME, The New York Times and Rolling Stone. HELL AND BACK AGAIN (2011) is his first movie.