BIFF 2020: 23. september - 1. oktober
If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

If a Tree Falls

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Where do we draw the line between activism and terrorism?

In the late 90s environmental activists in the US launched spectacular arsons against companies they accused of destroying the nature. Daniel McGowan was the leader of ELF – Earth Liberation Front – a group the FBI has called the number one domestic terrorist threat. In 2005 McGowan was arrested and while he awaits a possible life sentence, he shares his story. IF A TREE FALLS explores a period when activists were clashing with law enforcement. We also have to ask ourselves how we define terrorism.

Marshall Curry directed the Academy Award-nominated documentary, STREET FIGHT (2005), which won numerous awards and was nominated for an Emmy. His second documentary, RACING DREAMS (2009), was screened at BIFF last year, and follows three young go-kart racers who dream of participating in Nascar. Both STREET FIGHT and RACING DREAMS are included in the top 30 of Rotten Tomatoes' list of Best Reviewed Documentaries. IF A TREE FALLS has received the award for best editing at Sundance.