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Maybe tomorrow
Mariken Halle

Maybe tomorrow

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Fact vs. Fiction

A film team consisting of students from the film department at the University of Gothenburg wander around Gothenburg asking random passers-by what they imagine a film about themselves would be like. Soon, the interviewees start opening up, delivering long, fragmentary monologues. And then the film shifts, as the characters, situations and coincidences become a bit too fantastic to be believed as documentary. MAYBE TOMORROW is a highly fascinating and hard-to-classify film with echoes of directors such as Ruben Östlund and John Cassavetes.

Mariken Halle was born in Oslo in 1982. She started performing as an actress in the theater before she attended a course in directing at The Film School in Göteborg. She is meanly interested in working close to the actors and experimenting with film as an art form. She got attention for the short film NO SEX JUST UNDERSTAND. For her exam film KANSKJE I MORGEN (2011), she has already won the prize Gyllene Drake at the Göteborg International Film Festival in May 2011.