BIFF 2020
Miguel Coyula

Memories of Overdevelopment

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Sergio is just as disillusioned in New York now as in Havana during the euphoria of the revolution

MEMORIES OF OVERDEVELOPMENT interestingly is a co-production between Cuba and the US. It is also the follow-up of legendary MEMORIES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT (1967). Intellectual artist Sergio, who’s alienated by the Revolution in the early sixties, is perhaps even more so now – in what should be an artist’s paradise, New York. A metafilm mixing fiction, documentary and animation, this bold and brilliant film comments in a nuanced way on the relationship of Cubans abroad through its anti-hero.

Miguel Coyula is a Cuban director educated at prestigious EICTV outside of Havana. Ten years ago he had received some awards at home before going on a scholarship to the US and making the surrealistic and sombre sci-fi film RED COCKROACHES (2003), getting praise from Variety for its use of technology and few resources. The film received 23 awards, many of them in Cuba and the US. MEMORIES OF OVERDEVELOPMENT has already received 15 awards, most of them on both sides of the Florida Strait.