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Nader og Simin - et brudd 
Nader and Simin – A Separation

Nader and Simin – A Separation

Jodaeiye Nader az Simin
Iran / 2010 / 123 min
Ashgar Farhadi
The swan song of Iranian cinema?

Simin wants to provide better opportunities for their only daughter by moving abroad. However, Nader refuses to go because he thinks he must stay in Iran and take care of his demented father. However, Simin is determined to get a divorce and leaves the country with her daughter. When his wife leaves him, Nader hires a young woman to take care of his suffering father. And it is the entrance of Razin that serves as the catalyst. Soon, Nader finds himself entangled in a web of lies, manipulation and public confrontations.

Ashgar Farhadi

Iranian script writer and director Ashgar Farhadi (born 1972) has a master's degree in stage direction from the University of Teheran. He made several 8mm and 16mm films before he started to write plays and manuscripts for the biggest Iranian tv station. He made his debut as a film director with DANCING IN THE DUST in 2003, after which he released the acclaimed A BEAUTIFUL CITY in 2004. ABOUT ELLY (2009) won the Silver Bear for best direction at the Berlinale, while A SEPARATION won the main prize in Berlin this year.