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Jon Haukeland Reunion - Ten Years After the War

Reunion - Ten Years After the War

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What happens if Serbs and Albanians get together to discuss what really happened during the war?

In 1999 a group of young Serbs and Albanians met to discuss the situation in Kosovo. Ten days later NATO started bombing Serbia and people were fleeing everywhere. Dreadful acts were committed on both sides. In 2010 the same people meet again. The war has left its marks on both sides, but their perceptions of the war are vastly different. Are they able to see beyond their personal experiences and re-engage in the dialogue that they started ten years earlier?

Jon Haukeland (born in 1973) is a Norwegian director and screenwriter. He’s made several documentaries and has worked as a TV host for NRK. The well received documentary THE MAN WHO LOVED HAUGESUND (2004) tells the story of a Jewish businessman who was sent to his death in Germany during WW2. Haukeland also directed the short film THE RIVER BEHIND THE HOUSE (2007).