BIFF 2020
Brennpunkt presenterer: Sykehuskrigen Tove Austad

The Hospital War

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War of the roses?

During the Autumn of 2010 and Winter of 2011 there was a war between two neighbouring cities in the north west of Norway: where should the local hospital be located? The battle divided both region, cities, workplaces and politics and soon became a headache for the national government. In the documentary we follow local health workers as they try to agree on what is the best solution for the region. Through interviews, demonstrations and tired doctors it becomes evident that this is a battle that is rooted deeper than just where this local hospital is going to be.

Tove Austad (b.1964) studied film and television at Lillehammer Univeristy College, and is working as a journalist and producer for the national broadcaster NRK. She is working as a part of the investigating documentary team Brennpunkt, and THE HOSPITAL WAR is her 14th documentary.