BIFF 2020
Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk

Wilders: The Movie

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Europe's most dangerous man?

He has called for the Quran to be banned and has proposed a tax on wearing headscarves: Geert Wilders, instantly recognisable for his platinum blond hair, is one of Holland's most controversial and well-known politicians and, some argue, Europe's most dangerous man. In WILDERS: THE MOVIE, filmmakers Joost van der Valk and Mags Gavan try to figure out what makes him so popular in Holland, and also look at a conspiracy theory promoting the belief that Europe is being taken over by Islam.

Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk are Dutch documentarists and producers who started up the production company Red Rebel Films. The won a BAFTA for SAVING AFRICA’S WITCH CHILDREN (2008) and for CRIPS. STRAPPED AND STRONG (2009).