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We are not broke

We're Not Broke

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Tax appeal.

How is it that big corporations like Apple, Coca-Cola, Google and Bank of America pays little or nothing in taxes whereas the average man and woman cashes out one third in income tax in order to contribute to society? Bank account in Bermuda, you say? Hard to believe, but it is actually as simple as that. No wonder groups like ”Make them pay” and ”US Uncut” come along. The way elections campaigns are paid for by corporations is questionable, to say the least. It nothing short of jeopardises democracy. WE’RE NOT BROKE is provocotive because the truth is so obvious.

KARIN HAYES and VICTORIA BRUCE has together directed a number of documentaries for PBS, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel and Discovery Channel documentary, for example HELD HOSTAGE IN COLOMBIA (2003) and THE KIDNAPPING OF INGRID BETANCOURT (2004), the latter for which they won the duPont-Columbia University Award for excellence in broadcast journalism. They have also co-written the book Hostage Nation: Colombia’s guerilla army and the failed war on drugs (2010).