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We are Legion

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

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Don't you know who I am?

In the 21st century activism and civil disobedience is no longer confined to protest rallies and lobbing paving stones at riot police. WE ARE LEGION tells the story of another, far more potent threat to the financial and political ruling powers of the West – namely the international community of hackers known collectively as Anonymous. Easily identifiable by their Guy Fawkes masks, Anonymous – along with WikiLeaks – have become the foremost symbol of The People's ability to combat the nefarious forces of authority. This documentary explores the root of the movement as well as its peculiar sense of humour.

BRIAN KNAPPENBERGER is the director and producer of the documnetary We are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivist, which deals with the Internet’s most influential hacktivist collective, “Anonymous”. KNAPPENBERGER has also directed several episodes of Bloomberg Game Changers, a bio-doc TV series in 2010, and the documentary Life After War about the post-Taliban Afghanistan in 2004.