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To cruel for school?

In SOLDIER/CITIZEN we observe as a group of Israeli soldiers spend the last remaining weeks of their military service attempting to complete their high school studies. The film focuses especially on one class, wherein the teacher makes the soldiers to reflect on the meaning of concepts such as tolerance, democracy and human rights. While both armed and dressed in uniforms during their lessons, the students are forced to rely on arguments and rethoric, rather than guns and bulldozers.

Silvina Landsmann was born in Buenos Aires in 1965 and immigrated to Israel when she was eleven. Landsmann studied at the Film Department at the University of Tel Aviv and then lived in Paris for ten years, where she made her first film COLLEGE (Prix les Ecrans Documentaires, France 1998). Returning to Israel, she created Comino Films in order to produce her own documentary films. She directed, produced and filmed POST PARTUM and then UNTO THY LAND (Grand Prize - Ateliers d'Art de France - Exceptional Work, France 2010). Her latest film SOLDIER/CITIZEN (2012) was awarded a Caligari Film Prize Special Mention at the 2012 Berlinale.