BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Cinema Extraordinaire

Hold Back

Frankrike / 2012 / 79 min
Rachid Djaïdani
A funny film on racism? You bet!

When French-Algerian Slimane gets word of his sister Sabrina’s plan to marry the sub-Saharan actor Dorcy, he quickly jets off to Paris to notify his 40 brothers about the disconcerting news. The arab brothers all agree that having a black, Christian man marry into their family simply won’t do, and together they set out to make sure there will be no wedding. Both funny and on the surface almost documentary-like, HOLD BACK is a comedy about the complex racism in modern day France.

Rachid Djaïdani

RACHID DJAÏDANI is a French actor, director, screenwriter and editor. With HOLD BACK (2012) he is making his feature film debut as a director. He has acted in several feature films in addition to participating on many others. DJAÏDANI also directed the documentary THE BROWN LINE in 2006.