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Night of Silence

Night of Silence

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I went to prison and all I got was an underage bride.

Having spent over half his life in prison due to several accounts of murder, sixty-something Damat is finally back in the mountain village he grew up in, with plans to marry a woman he has never met. The marriage is not only Damat’s reward for the honour killings he has carried out, but also the solution to an ancient blood feud between two families. There is only one small problem: Damat’s bride to be is barely a teen. NIGHT OF SILENCE is an intense drama about two very different people struggling with the demands of tradition.

REIS ÇELIK studied music at the State Conservatory in Istanbul, and started his career in 1982, working as a political and economic journalist. In the mid-eighties he began working on his first documentaries and commercials, before he in 2008 directed his first feature film, LET THERE BE LIGHT. In 2012 he directed LAL GECE (NIGHT OF SILENCE).