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International documentary
Mellom menn

Among men: Gay in East-Germany

Unter Männern: Schwul in der DDR
Tyskland / 2012 / 91 min
Ringo Rösener & Markus Stein
Being gay during the Cold War.

How was life as a gay man in the German Democratic Republic? In AMONG MEN, six gay men tell their stories. The individuals are diverse and their stories diverge. To be gay meant to be excluded from the political and social normality of the GDR, and while this was a burden for some, for others it was a revelation.

Ringo Rösener & Markus Stein

RINGO RÖSENER was born in Anklam, Germany in 1983. He received his training in cultural studies, drama and business studies at Leipzig University and at the University of Bologna. AMONG MEN is his first film.

MARKUS STEIN was born 1965 in Germany. After working as camera assistant he studied at the director’s department of the National Polish Film-school in Lodz. Since 1996 has been Berlin-based working as writer and director both for documentaries and fiction.