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Maori Boy Genius

Maori Boy Genius

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The emancipation of indigenous peoples and other teenage problems.

16 year old Ngaa Ruuira Pumanawawhiti is an intellectual prodigy. This fact, along with certain mystical signs, have caused him to be hailed as the man who will liberate the Maori people of New Zealand from the cumulative effects of centuries of oppression. However, leading a nation of indigenous people is no easy feat – especially when you're struggling with your homework. MAORI BOY GENIUS is a charming and engaging portrait of a young man who is coping with a monumental task.

PIETRA BRETTKELLY is a New Zealand documentary director and producer. Before becoming a film maker, BRETTKELLY was working as a journalist. She is best known for directing the film THE ART STAR AND THE SUDANESE TWINS (which also was screened at BIFF) in which she follows an Italian artist who decides to adopt motherless twins in Sudan. She is also a mentor for Women in Film and Television NZ. In 2011 she directed MAORI BOY GENIUS.