BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
International documentary
Life in stills

Life In Stills

Life in Stills
Israel / Tyskland / 2012 / 60 min
Tamar Tal
When history gets in the way of the future.

When Rudi Weissenstein died in 1992, he left his wife Miriam a voluminous archive of pictures documenting the defining moments in the history of the modern state of Israel. Flashing forward to the present, Miriam is 96 years of age, but still full of what in jiddisch is known as chutzpah, and ready to combat the city planners who are looking to demolish her late husbands ”photo house” and the tradition which it represents.

Tamar Tal

TAMAR TAL is born 1980 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She graduated in 2005 from Camera Obscura, School of Arts, Tel Aviv. TAL has produced and directed several documenatries such as THE IRON LADY AND THE PHOTOHOUSE (2007) og LIFE IN STILLS (2011). She is also an independent stills photographer specializing in documentary projects.