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Joan of the Dead

Juan of the Dead

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Buena Vista Zombie Club.

Juan is a slacker who spends his days hustling for rum and other necessities of life with his equally lazy and morally dubious comrades. One day there is a peculiar outbreak in the neighborhood. Official TV claims they are CIA financed dissidents, but our anti-heroes are skeptical and set out to make money killing people’s infected loved ones for a few pesos. Solid satire and sloppy slapstick has brought this first Cuban zombie flick audience awards in Havana, Miami and beyond.

36 year old ALEJANDRO BRUGUÉS was born in Argentina by Cuban parents, but he grew up in Cuba where he went to film school and studied script writing. He wrote the script of domestic successes such as TRES VECES DOS (2004) and FRUTAS EN EL CAFÉ (2007). As a director he made his mark with his feature debut PERSONAL BELONGINGS in 2007. With JUAN OF THE DEAD he is conquering the world getting distribution across the globe after a long line of audience awards. He is part of the rather independent Cuban production company Producciones La 5ta Avenida.