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A Fierce Green Fire

A Fierce Green Fire

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A guided tour through the history of environmental activism.

For the youth of today, the notion of protecting the environment is a given, but A FIERCE GREEN FIRE shows us that it has not always been that way. By charting the rise and evolution of the American environmental activist movement – from the Sierra Club and Green Peace to the international climate conferences of today, by way of Buckminster Fuller and his influential idea of 'Spaceship Earth' – director Mark Kitchell underlines the role of the individual in shaping the mentality of today.

MARK KITCHELL is best known for Berkeley in the Sixties, which won the Audience Award at the 1990 Sundance Film Festival, was nominated for an Academy Award, and won other top honors. The film has become a well‐loved classic, one of the defining films about the protest movements that shook America during the 1960s. He has produced and directed television programs, made numerous independent films, worked in production at all levels, and taught at the University of California, Santa Cruz.