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Facing Mirrors

Facing Mirrors

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Starting with the (wo)man in the mirror.

In FACING MIRRORS, we meet Rana, a traditionally devout wife who drives a cab in order to support her family while her husband is in jail – and Adineh, whose father’s plan of marrying her away does not match her own plans of fleeing the country to undergo a sex change operation. By sheer circumstance, the two women’s destinies are intertwined, as they realize that despite their differences they have a lot in common – as well as the power to help each other out of a difficult situation.


NEGAR AZARBAYJANI was born in February 1974. She has a BA degree in cinema from Art University of Tehran-Iran. She also has an MA degree in visual media arts from Emerson College in Boston-US. She started her career in pictures by acting in a few television series. Later she directed a number of Shorts and Animations in the US as well as in Iran. FACING MIRRORS is her first feature film.