BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Norwegian documentary - Competition

Norwegian Short Documentaries in Competition, Part 1

Norsk kortdokumentarkonkurranse del I
Norge/ / 56 min.
The first part of the short documentary competition


2012 - Regi: Birgitte Sigmundstad 2 min

A father and a mother in their sixties tell us what happended when their daughter/the director received a letter from the Culture minister. The department decided to use a picture by the dirctor as the motive for an official christmas card.



2013 - Regi: Kajsa Næss 15 min

All of the childen in kindergarten have a father who is not in prison. And that is the problem. Animated documentary about growing up with who is locked up.



2013 - Regi: Finn Walther og Sunniva Sundby 25 min

This informative dokumentary highlights how The Data Retention Directive will work in practice, which consequences it will have and how it can effect us. Both supporters and opponents share their opinions.



2012 - Regi: Trond Kvig Andreassen 14 min

Magnus lives in a small cottage in the woods outside Bodø. He has a kind of a doble life. In his spare time he does dumpster diving and play the guitar in a hush way. At work he is the frontman of a sucessfull band that is touring all around Norway. We get to know both sides of Magnus in this documentary.