BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober

Shorts from Western Norway

Kort i Vest
Norge/ / 1 t. 5 min.
Short film program from Western Norway

Vestnorsk filmsenter and BIFF offer the public local productions that otherwise rarely are shown on the big screen. The filmmakers present and this is a unique opportunity to get to see the newest short films that the region has to offer.

COWBOY IN COLOR (Regi: Trygve Nielsen, 6 min)

In a black and white world a cowboy pulls colours out of his hat.


HAIKEREN (Regi: Anders Teig, 15 min)

An unexpected meeting between to lonely people a dark winter night.


BRØDRE (Regi: Tommy Næss, 12 min)


SNØ (Regi: Hans Otto Nicolaysen, 15 min)

A composer tries to capture the sound of snow.


LINDA (Regi: Gunnbjørg Gunnarsdottir, Svajune Bikauskaite og Vaida Voraite, 1 min)

A glimpse of the urban dating scene.


BLIND DATE (Regi: Benjamin Langeland og Øyvind Lune, 1 min)

Dumb love.


UTE PÅ TUR (Regi: Gina Therese Grønner, Anne Dorthe Kalve, Erlend Harr Eriksson, 1 min)

The lack of control can’t be combined with driving.


GRAND CANARIA (Regi David Alræk, 1 min)

85-year-old Kaare dreams about a vacation with summer, sun and nice girls.


MANNEN FRA ARKTIS (Regi: Nils Johan Nesse, 1 min)

Dreams under The Arctic Circle.


SELVKONTROLL (Rolv Lyssand Bjøro, 1 min)

Grandma is taking the control.


TORE PREND LE CONROL (Regi: Tore Vatne og Mikael Sæther, 1 min)

Big artistic ambitions meet the pragmatic reality.


FOAD (Regi: Farzad Samsami, 23 min)

In a coastal town in Morocco the young boy Foad is dreaming about a better life.