BIFF 2020

Checkpoints konkurranse

I samarbeid med Raftostiftelsen viser BIFF filmer om menneskerettigheter. Vinnerfilmen av konkurranseprogrammet blir tildelt 25 000 kr til det miljø eller den sak filmen omhandler. Prispengene gis av Bergens Tidende. Følgende filmer konkurrerer om Checkpoints-prisen.

alphabet.jpg ALPHABET - Erwin Wagenhofer, 1 t 53 min

case_against_8.jpg THE CASE AGAINST 8 - Ben Cotner og Ryan White, 1 t 49 min

drone.jpg DRONE - Tonje Hessen Schei, 1 t 15 min

internets_own_boy.jpg THE INTERNET’S OWN BOY - Brian Knappenberger, 1 t 45 min

newburgh_sting.jpg THE NEWBURGH STING - Kate Davis og David Heilbroner, 1 t 27 min

sound_of_torture.jpg SOUND OF TORTURE - Keren Shayo, 58 min

thuletuvalu.jpg THULETUVALU - Matthias von Gunten, 1 t 36 min

vessel.jpg VESSEL - Diana Whitten, 1 t 30 min

watchers_of_the_sky.jpg WATCHERS OF THE SKY - Edet Belzberg, 2 t

we_are_the_giant.jpg WE ARE THE GIANT - Greg Barker, 1 t 30 min

we_come_as_friends.jpg WE COME AS FRIENDS - Hubert Sauper, 1 t 50 min


Konrad Wirkowski (b. 1972) Graduate of Warsaw University (culture animation dpt.) and Lodz Film School (Film and TV production dpt.). Programming director of WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film IFF (since 2009), vice-chairman of Social Institute for Film – Polish NGO devoted to promotion of Polish socially engaged documentary. Works and lives in Warsaw.

Liv Tønnessen is a senior researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institutt (CMI), which is an independent development research institute in Bergen, Norway. She has a long standing experience and expertise in work on women's rights and Islam with a track record from the Middle East and Northern Africa with long term stays in Sudan, Lebanon and Syria.

Ondřej Moravec is one of the leading persons in the program department of the One World Festival in the Czech Republic, aimed on the documentaries about human rights. He also works as a filmmaker and journalist, and has worked in Czech Television in the cultural newsroom.He is also the program director of the film festival Čačikano, and he is on the beginning of his filmmaking career, while studying at the FAMU film school in Prague.