BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober
Cinema Extraordinaire

Nymphomaniac: Director's Cut PART 1 & PART 2

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The full monty

On a cold winter evening Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) finds Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) badly beaten up in an alleyway. He decides to bring her home, and as he nurses her back to health, the self-diagnozed nymphomaniac Joe recounts the story of her sexual life. Earlier this year, a severely edited version of NYMPHOMANIAC was screened in Norwegian cinemas, and the experience was, at best, somewhat impotent. Thus, we are now very happy to be able to screen von Trier's latest magnum opus in its original, hardcore pornographic version.


NB! The film has an age limit of 18 years.


TUESDAY 30.09 PART 1 will be screened.

WEDNESDAY 01.10 PART 2 will be screened.


Lars von Trier (Denmark, 1956) Selected films: MELANCHOLIA (2011), ANTICHRIST (2009), DIREKTØREN FOR DET HELE (2006), DOGVILLE (2003), DANCER IN THE DARK (2000), IDIOTENE (1998)