BIFF 2021: 20.-28. oktober

Norwegian Short Films

Norsk kortfilmkonkurranse
Norge/ 2014/ 2 t. 10 min.
Seven films competition

After receiving a record number of films for this year's Norwegian short film competition, the selection jury has chosen the following seven films for competition.



Bølgeslag - Norway 2013 (2 min)
Director: Kristian Pedersen

Sound recordings become archaeological remains, and a rotational plate give fossil ripple. A visual representation of three poems by Tor Ulven.



Ja vi elsker - Norway 2014 (15 min)
Director: Hallvar Witzø

One country; one national day; four crises. Our national day, as it escalates four different sites in the country.



Amasone - Norway 2014 (14 min)
Director: Marianne Ulrichsen

In the wild North-Norwegian nature, free from the adults stare, two young girls comes together.



High Point - Norway 2014 (25 min)
Director: Emil Trier

When the newly returned Christian is looking for his little brother in the streets of Oslo, he is confronted with his own adolescence.



Seks Brødre - Norway 2014 (12 min)
Director: Matias Rygh & Mathias Eriksen

After breaking up with her ​​boyfriend, Samir moves back into her childhood home with her ​​little brother Karim. But things are not like before.



A Blank Slate - Norway/USA (26 min)
Director: Sara Eliassen

A roving person's memories and observations gets distorted as she wanders around in a winter closed vacation resort.



Subtotal - Norway 2014 (18 min)
Director: Gunhild Enger

At a parking lot in Svinesund, Sweden, a Norwegian couple finds themselves coping with an annoying salesman.